Service and Repair The most talented, experienced staff of lens technicians
Duclos Lenses is the premier motion picture lens service facility. With over 175 years of combined opto-mechanical experience, Duclos Lenses has the tools and skills required to service and maintain your professional motion picture lenses. With a wide variety of tools including optical projection, auto-collimator, vertical collimator, and sophisticated image evaluation software, as well as a substantial stock of new and vintage factory replacement parts and materials, Duclos Lenses is the the go-to source for professional cinema lens service.

Factory AuthorizedFactory support makes all the difference

We take great pride in our cooperation with lens manufacturers. It's a mutual support system that allows us to work directly with the source and provide our clients with unrivaled quality and consistency. Our factory support includes the following lens manufacturers.

Vintage Lens SpecialistsExpert technicians with decades of knowledge
Duclos Lenses specializes in vintage lens repair. From Bausch & Lomb Baltars of the Hollywood golden era, to the workhorse Zeiss Super Speeds - We have the technicians and the inventory of factory parts to maintain your vintage lenses for many years to come. If you'd like to send your lenses in for service or an evaluation, please complete our Equipment Shipper.

Professional EfficiencyComprehensive customer care, start to finish
Duclos Lenses always strives to accommodate clients with professional, timely service. Our staff is committed to receiving, evaluating, communicating, servicing, and returning your equipment as quickly as possible, while not sacrificing quality. It's always best to contact Duclos Lenses to discuss service down-time on an individual basis. Some service can take longer than others, especially when overseas parts are required. If you'd like to send your lenses in for service or an evaluation, please complete our Equipment Shipper.

Have Questions?See what Duclos Lenses can do for you
If you have specific questions about a lens repair or service, feel free to drop us a message anytime and one of our Service Advisers will get back to you shortly. Alternative Topics: Cine-Mod | Engineering | Sales