Drop-Off Ready to bring your lenses in?
In an effort to protect our staff and customers, Duclos Lenses has implemented a contact-less drop-off procedure. The first step is completing our Equipment Shipper form which allows us to track jobs and contact you after your lenses arrive. Make sure you complete the form and include the PDF printout with your drop-off.

Equipment Shipper Form

Once that's complete, you're ready to drop your lenses off. We'll have a receiving table just outside our front door. Simply place your lenses along with the Equipment Shipper print out on the table, ring our doorbell, and return to your vehicle. Once you're back in your vehicle, a staff member will retrieve your lenses. They'll be received in our system and we'll email you to confirm we've received your lenses properly. If you have any questions about this procedure or require any assistance, please call or email us anytime!