Duclos Anamorphic Distortion Chart

by: Duclos Lenses ► MFR #

Designed and manufactured by Duclos Lenses, our latest anamorphic distortion chart is a meticulous collaboration between cinematographers and Duclos Lenses' technical staff. It's an indispensable tool used by professionals and rental houses around the world. Fully functional for observing and recording distortion of spherical and anamorphic lenses alike. With a range of 1:1 and 2:1 quadrilaterals, the Duclos Anamorphic Distortion Chart is useful for evaluating barrel and pincushion as well as variations in anamorphic squeeze rations throughout the image field. Duclos Lenses offers custom branding on their made-to-order focus charts, available in a variety of sizes and media. 

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