Laowa 24mm Pro2be T8 3-Lens Set

by Laowa  |  MFR #VE2480PLB

Product Features
• Three Front Modules
• 36.6cm Waterproof Distance
• 2:1 Magnification
• 4mm Close Focus
• Interchangeable Mounts
  • The 24mm Pro2be T8.0 comprises of three front modules. Along with the Direct View and 90° modules, the Pro2be features a 35° module. They provide a 36.6cm (14.41 inches) Waterproof Distance for enhanced underwater performance. It features a 4mm close focusing distance that can deliver the image in 2:1 magnification and a T8.0 maximum aperture. Ships in Arri PL. Interchangeable mounts for Canon EF, Canon RF, Nikon Z, Sony E, Leica L, or Nikon F mount are sold separately. *note: scales are in metric only.
  • Technical Specifications for Laowa 24mm Pro2be T8 3-Lens Set
    This set contains multiple lenses.
    You can find their tech specs listen on their product pages here.
  • - Direct View Module
    - 35° Module
    - Periscope Module
    - Travel Case

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