Weekly News Roundup #5

NAB is officially over and we have a ton of news from throughout the show at the links below. Now back to our regular schedule. Start your monday off with a bit of light reading from TheCineLens.com.
Duclos 2X Tele-Extender Review from Sansom Media.
https://youtu.be/Qm2XwFdluXU Our friends over at Sansom Media were given early access to our prototype 2x Tele-Extender which they paired with a range of zoom lenses. The results were excellent! No practical loss of image quality throughout the zoom range. Superb, reliable build quality. Find more info on our brand new 2x Extender at: http://duclos.tv/2x
Sharegrid Shares 4-part Interview with DP Jas Shelton
571e46ff75e0008b09b2bac9_screen20shot202016-04-2520at209-24-3520am ShareGrid, who we featured a while back, has begun posting these great interviews with some of their featured members. If you own your own gear or are looking to rent some really nice gear, check out ShareGrid. Be sure to read the original post with all four videos here >
Cooke Promotes Creativity and Knowledge with CookeOptics.TV
large-cooketv-logo Cooke Optics, manufacturer of beautiful, exotic cinema lenses, has been curating an excellent collection of videos and interviews with some of the worlds most respected cinematographers. Head on over to www.CookeOptics.tv to check out some of the great material they're posting.
Sigma Steps Up To Make a Proper Adapter
sigma_mc-11_01 Working in the lens business, I've lost count of how many times a customer came to us with a lens that was stuck on a MetaBones adapter. Or another off-brand that shorted the circuits in their lens or ruined something mechanically... All of the Canon EF to Sony E mount adapters on the market are absolute garbage. I can't comprehend how people are investing thousands, possibly tens of thousands of dollars on cameras and lenses, and then throwing a cheap, garbage adapter in between the two. What the hell?! Enter Sigma. Once known for the soccer mom's economical zoom lens, Sigma, as you all know, has been making some absolutely amazing products lately. Their ART line of primes and zooms, the 18-35mm f/1.8, or the 35mm f/1.4, and others, are an amazing value with some of the best optical performance available. Sigma saw a lack of quality in the market and introduced their new MC-11 Canon EF to Sony E mount adapter. If Sigma's recent lens quality is any indication, this adapter should blow the competition out of the water. You can read the full press release from Sigma here. Or you can buy the new adapter directly from Sigma here.
Zeiss Shows Us How To "Cine-Mod"
https://youtu.be/RTcDBnaAaPY We're flattered, Zeiss - you liked the Duclos Cine-Mod™ so much, you built the de-clicking feature into all your new lenses and you're even offering add-on gears now. I'll have a more in depth post coming soon regarding Zeiss new approach to hybrid lenses like the Otus, Loxia, and Milvus. In the meantime, check out the video above to see the new gears from Zeiss.
  That wraps it up for this week’s news roundup. If there’s something interesting that we missed or of you have a question about a snippet, drop a comment below. Until next week!


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